Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


Amazing game! Nothings bad, but I do have a few suggestions:
1. A way to organize my fleet. I love the enemy fleet randomization, but it would be nice to set it up myself. Maybe even buying the ships and setting up a formation would be cool!
2. A music selection system. And get more than one track, too.
3. During the three-sided battles, the force up top always gets to the battle last, letting the other ships kill each other for a few seconds; reposition the ships to fix that.
4. Being a Testudon would be AWESOME.
5. If I can't be a Testudon, keep the game from showing one to me when I die.
6. Finally, a saving system. Even codes would be great; it's annoying as hell to have to start from THE VERY BEGINNING.

Great game, good job.


I like this game's action and all, but I took off quite a few points due to the fact that victory is determined generally by your fleet composition, which is too random. I think the fleet you get should be on par with the enemy or at least let us decide the composition of our fleets.

Great game but...

it could definately use some sort of ship development and fleet management system. But the game was great! Love the huge chaotic battles.


this game is epic so is the music

1 flaws 2 missing features

control system is a little tricky i would have preffered an optional mouse control system

needed a save system BADLY having to do it all again after 1 failure is psychotically infuriating and means few people will play the whole game

upgrades for the ships like different weapons or just speed and firepower improvements

overall it's good and very fun but very little motivation to keep playing after you have to do it all over again the 3rd time

please make a sequel and improve on it vastly