Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

One Fighter, One God

Personally, I like the fighters. Fast, and easy to maneuver. Once I 11 kills with ONE fighter, getting me MEGA-DEATH! Another time, it was only me with a fighter against a almost-full health Destroyer. Who won? Me! With 2 shield left too. Great game. Add more ships, like a Terra Cruiser, that has 4 plasma guns with a slow regenerating shield. Or a Hunter that lays mines in space. Or a Repair-Bot that can help recover shields of near-by allies but cannot recover itself. Just some suggestions!


cool I've also been playing this game for quite some time and i love it! Although i have meet the testodon glich (one testedon vs another and they just keep going in circles).I also hate being on the team with 1 tesdodon while the enemy has a million fighters. but over all i love it! (can you make more versions or another azul baronis? and this time add more music cause three songs does get boring after a while.and yea why not a better turning system?

Nice Game

But Am I the only one who finds that the ship is a bit hard to control

listen to my nuggets of wisdom padone!

lol, #1- I likes the the in-game music!
#2- the phycotic, iron fisted & evil dictatorship role is both fun & funny!
#3- the crazy & realistic dog fights were a good idea!
#4- no upgrades BAD! Makes me angry & want to smash things! AAARRHH!
#5- THERE IS NO #5 FOOL!!!!!
but #6- get rid of the point system unless your going to use it for upgrades you magnificent bastard! This isnt the age of Pac Man & Q-bert in the arcades anymore were people used to play for the "highest score"!!

........Thank you, & the more you know & knowing is half the battle!!! "Yo Joe!" lol

awsome game

one of the best games ever.