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Reviews for "Monster Master"


Why are the attack and defence points randomly chosen? It kinda ruins the game.

A flash Card Game

A fun somewhat addicting game

Promising game like a politician

You know I will write a full review now! The game looks promising in the beginning but in the end one will put this game away out of frustration!

Graphics: The graphics suck balls,but the cards are well illustrated and you put a lot effort into it! Also the graphics aren't that important to a game if the gameplay is good enough! Unfortunately the gameplay isn't that good...

Sound:.....you know that I simply HAVE to give you 0 pointes here,dude...

Idea: Very good idea,indeed and the game shows great potential! It reminds me of YuGiOh!

Gameplay: It's an interesting card game where you have to think tactically a la YuGiOh! You can even build up your own deck which is a great idea and you thought much about the balance of the cards since you can put some cards only once or twice in your deck instead of 3 times.But due to the fact that MOST of the time monster attacks are based on nothing else than luck,this game can be horribly frustraing and it seems often that the COM is cheating! You can only be sure to defeat an enemies monster if it has like 1 Defense,and your monster has like 10+ Attack...also the Fusion idea to create new monsters like in Yugioh is a nice addition but since monster fights are based on luck and since there are only 3 fusions in total,it isn't that effective to fuse monsters at all...

Glitch: When you put a Monster Card on the table which can attack twice in a turn,like Hydra or Cerberus,and you finish the summoning of this card instantly with the Magic Card [forgot the name],you can only attack once in this turn! You can use the effect to attack twice in this turn!

Result: You put a lot effort into the game and the game is fun in the beginning! Unfortunately the battle system sucks on a global scale and a few minor flaws round the picture up that this game isn't anywhere near to be a perfect Flash game or a competitor to...let's say YuGioh or Magic:The Gathering ;)

me thinks its time for a sequel

this game is tha bomb

This is a Great Game

You Should make one with more monsters and more combinations and the fact that a spider killed my night in one move kinda pissed me off and computer always seems to have the right cards