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Reviews for "Monster Master"

Awesome game, needs some updates

Graphics - They are good, and the design of the cards was great too, maybe allow something to show full details about some cards since sometimes some stuff are unreadable (especially the turns to summon)

Gameplay - It was awesome card game, but I think you really should add more cards, and add some more bad cards, 99% cards in this game is very useful time or another, which is really not the case in most of good card games, bad cards are needed too to make the game stable (or at least i think so)

Audio - Really needs some music to be added while playing (of course optional), It will be a nice add, and not too difficult i suppose..

Overall - It was an awesome game, but I really hope there is a second version with some more stuff like the audio and the larger card range and maybe a storyline or something like that, and better ways to gain cards rather than choosing them yourself, something like beating tournaments to gain packs, etc... but still I think that was a great game...


i have call dragon rider and i activate fire sword he 16atk+sword 18atk and i atk his hydra and poff instant kill 14-4 and his hydra loose and i activate my charge and direct and charge again direct kabooom -1000

awsome game

its like a mix of magic the gathering, yugioh, and some others things all wraped into one sweet game. it was a ton of fun an very easy to pick up, unlike some other online card games out there. i have to say i would love to see an expansion someday.

and monstro1234 wasn't kidding, his deck is just a combo of powerful badass cards. see his deck list below.

i would love to see more cards and for this to go online multiplayer. please let me know if/when that happens.

Maybe my #1 flash game ever

This really does need a sequel one day.

Great Game

Monstro1234's Deck-
(Strength 2710)
3x Ninja, Minotaur
2x Hydra, Drake, Robot, Golem, Ape, Ogre

3x Gift, Doom, Summon, Psych
2x Reborn, Beckon, Forget, Black Hole,
1x fsword, ishield

Guys, believe him, this deck beats the comp so easily!!!
Great game, it looked bad, but was very fun, how you summoned it and rolled the dice to attack. The monsters with high defence are anoyying, however. xD