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Reviews for "Monster Master"


i like applesauce

great game!

I agree that the combat system has a bit of a bug with the random rolls. Anyway, here's a deck almost guaranteed to win against anything:

(Strength 2710)
3x Ninja, Minotaur
2x Hydra, Drake, Robot, Golem, Ape, Ogre

3x Gift, Doom, Summon, Psych
2x Reborn, Beckon, Forget, Black Hole,
1x fsword, ishield

Beats 2500 AI almost guaranteed. Not a lot of strategy, just plain beatdown.

Great job anyway. Online play would be all but a dream,
but only if...


At first glance this game sucks: there is no music and the graphics aren't that good.
But once you play one game and understand how the game goes you're hooked!
Great game!!!

Almost perfect

All you need is music and online multi player (The kind where you play with random people you don't know instead of just two players on one computer) and this game will be perfect.


Awesome game, I play it every time I come to Newgrounds.

*pokes fuseing*
You have to use a combining card, and you can only combine cards that have the same symbol(in the corner of the card)