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Reviews for "Monster Master"

Yay, #100 Review :D

This game is the best online card game EVER! Much more views on CrazyMonkeyGames.com though.
Should have a storyline, but GREAT GAME! You should create more games!(Card games :D)


how do you fuse/combine cards it is pissing me off?


I played this game on other site and its good like Yugi-Oh style.

the only thing...

...that the other game has over this one is more realistic art and more monsters/spells. BUt this one makes up for it with the two-player ability. THeres no story mode for this version, but that doesn't matter because the other story mode was increasingly more valuable decks for the enemy; something you can customize for this game anyways.

so this is where

so this is the flash that magic and tactic is based on/ripped off. I prefer this one more to tell the truth.