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Reviews for "Uberkid's Revenge"


very nice animation... Pico and Darnell looked a bit homosexual though ;)

Stupid but cool

The story and the plot was stupid(not in a good way) the action was great the art was just plain cool it looks like one of those 80's cartoons the ending sucked though but the action was the key great work but your story writing needs work.If you fix that you will be a ok.

Nice actions, but it's stupid

I don't know who started this bullet proof, steelcutter sword mania, but nowdays almost every action flash contains it. And I don't like that, becouse that's stupid. I hope I don't have to explain that there never was and never will be any sword, that can cut trough even a 1 mm steel plate or reflect bullets (or beams).

what was that for......

you know you did not have to kill pico and darnell.......right?

Zombie-Pimp responds:

you realize they're not dead..... right? Every third review is some retard who didn't watch the credits animation. If you did see the animation during the credits, then you're even more of an idiot because you assumed that Nene decided to give first aid to 2 dead people. Thank's for the 5/10.

not this animation!

i just watched an animation and said i wish Nene woudn't die the next animation Nene didn't die in this animation but pico and darnell did!