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Reviews for "Uberkid's Revenge"

hmmm.....i dont know

this is a vivid flash. the graphics were amazing. the storyline though... could use a bit of work. you know, this guy must have like frikin, derangement issues or something. and he was a robot!!! that made know sense, but pretty much everything else was good.


What is there to say?... It's just... WOW!!! So beautiful, I loved it, my first 5 went to this one.


After watching so many pico flashes with Nene in them why would ANYONE be after that? Herpes aside she goes for satyrs?
Well done

good animation

but why does pico look like a chick?


Thank you for showing Darnell some respect unlike many other flashes. You made him badass so I give you props for that.