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Reviews for "Pico Day Incursion"

A lot of potential

However maybe if you had made the Cons a bit more dynamic... like Screamer would be his smirkier-than-thou self, Megatron would be a total and complete badass, and Soundwave would be the menacing shadow of Megatron.

I mean it was good, but it could have been better. I can deal with the voices (because thats just what a flash by Soundwave aughta sound like ;) ) but there could have been more effects besides the flash itself.

So a 10 for animation and cute plot. But a 7 all in all since it didn't suck the audience in enough until they figure out the punch line in the end.

Still make more flash please! Your animation is incredible :)

MentosClock responds:

If you haven't already, you should see my most recent flash, "Pico the Mailman." It has less Transformers in it, but it has higher quality animation. It also doesn't have any horrible voice acting.

not exactly action packed, is it?

clean drawings and true to decepticons, but the "action" was slow, voices were boring and NG characters weren't drawn well at all. i realize this is a year old, but even still... not to great. im being nice with a 4.


Your voice acting sucks.
You sound like you dont care.
Put some feeling into your voices.
Work on acting@


Witty and well made, really enjoyed this.
Great work.


The concept was awesome. However the voices and animation need some work.