Reviews for "Pico Day Incursion"

That could have been so much more.

The voice acting was terribly uninspired, making the already lame jokes worse. The graphics were extremely lame, and the thing just creped along very slowly. The idea of the Decepticons could have been executed SO MUCH better.

Not bad

I really liked this, one of my favorites so far. Those transformers looked fantastic, great job there. Only problems with the graphics were that the lasers shot really slow, Pico and friends could have easily moved if they were infact going that slow. That's another thing, with the lasers shooting so slow it's easier to notice the lack of emotion. Pico and the others just stood there looking angry or just staring as they got shot. A little reaction makes it look much better. It was really funny, I loved the ending with the Flash 8 error, I hate getting that error message. My only other complaint is the voice acting. I see this problem a lot and it seems like people often overlook it but voice acting helps out A LOT. Without a little emotion in your voice it seems a little boring. If Megatron was towering over me with a gun to my face I think I'd give a little bit more of a scream than a monotone "aahh. No."

All in all it was funny and well worth watching, great work.

everyone but sound wave sounded like a fag.

but other than that, it's okay. The lazers however still need a little work.


Its cool, nicely put together. + the end is so true, flash intends to be a bitch allot and crash on the most inapropriate times.