Reviews for "Pico Day Incursion"

funny XD



Why do Decepticons transform into a gun and music box? That's totally weird. Alien Hominid was such a crappy moron to anyhow blast a satelite bomb and normal guns were all useless against any Transformer, especially the Autobots and why didn't those guys come and save Pico?!


The video was pretty good, but the preloader aloe deserves a 10.

Funny stuff

Good and simple animation along with a funny plot and nice touch bring the transformers in,overall i really enjoyed it.

very fun... sir

it aws really good. loved the loading screen, and AND alsoooooooo... the funny story. i loved it when he told to his friend to be a radio and play taht song. and well ,when in the end. the flash doen it, and closed off. haha. good job