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Reviews for "Pico Day Incursion"

nice idea

here r some things that need improving

on halloween i all ways have problems with flash 8

i oncedressed wp like megatron and went to my frends house on halloween(it was his berthday party to) and i said with my megatron bb gun(this is all true so thats why i tried to make a movie )(thanks alot flash player 8)(not)


AHAHAHAHA!! The Preloader made me cough out my drink. The preloader was very unexpected. You get a 4/5 just for the preloader. The ending was cool, but the main story wasnt that funny.



When I saw this submission I have to be honest with you, I was not really blown away. Compared to other Pico submissions this did not really stand out in anyway, and the graphics themselves were quite average if not worse than that. For the most part, the storyline also failed to really provide me with any laughs. Not a great submission.