Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"


So this is why I dont see no more DK games poor diddy see kids dont do weed....with others that is yaaa do it at home with your girl and there you go lol (I dont even smoke and Im talking like I did lol) Great flash is there going to be more DK madness soon?^-^


brotherly rape,rraaapppeeeee!!!wait,is diddy kong and donket kong related?oh yeah,same last name,make another but make sure its longer! XD hehee,longer,hehehe,lawl! XD

Emanhattan responds:

sometimes I see this crap and wish I had done it better and longer.

thanks for the 10 : P

I feel sad for Diddy

Advice for Diddy next time - if you don't want to get raped again, don't get DK cigars! Strange...

Emanhattan responds:


dont you know what kind of "cigars" they were?

I guess the joke is too mature for your age

thanks for the 10 tough

*breaks 10/10 streak* =P

I completley agree with the video's description.

That is, indeed, extremeley sick and perverted. I'll never look at DK the same way AGAIN. O_o

Emanhattan responds:

lmao thanks : D


very creative