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Reviews for "Spirit In The Sky"

Well this was a very good

song and well this is what a ambiant song should sound like. Really liked the whole feel to it nice a dreamy like your description. A bit to much of the same effects you put but thats ok it was an awsome song and I very much liked the start of it.

i'm high

This piece definitely lifts me out of my chair. Wait, I'm floating. It would be a great ambience for a movie (which could explain the abrupt change- character is walking through scary butcher house, only to find a candy store with leather recliners on the other side). The beginning really freaks me out. Good thing I'm not afraid of the dark. Thanks for reminding me! haha. See ya round. Good work.

P.S. This reminds me of an ambience I did for a student film last year at FSU. I think i'll submit it!

Nice Ambient track

The transition from "scary" to "beautiful melody" (in the beginning) could have been a little slower and/or smoother - it felt a little abrubt - it would be nicer if I didn't realize that it had occurred at all but overall it was a good track.

You'll get a 5 from me to help keep the score up a bit.

Keep it up!

Nijsse responds:

You're right about the transition. I could've tried to make it more smooth, but it felt right this way. Thanks for the review!

(he he) that intro was V!

Is that Music Maker 10 you used? WOW you really did a Viewtiful job on this! I can feel the Viewtiful flow~~~~~~~~~...man this takes my stress alway...O_O! OH man this song in the intro sounded like silent hill! Ok miss keep it V! -_-


Nijsse responds:

No it's not Music Maker 10, it's fruityloops. Thanks a lot for listening and for your very nice words. :)