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Reviews for "Spirit In The Sky"

My imagination:

THIS IS WHAT IM SEEING: A spaceship making its way to earth. No a UFO. The little aliens THAT ARE BLUE NOT GREEN, walk out. Looking at what the earth has become. I forgot to mention: its like 6000 years in the future. The earth is all burned out, they make there way around place through place. Nothing left but ashes. And they look. And look. And look. But nothing is left of what earth used to be.. or ever will be.


When i listen this i imagine about a wonderfull world

pretty good

its almost like it doesn't make sence,
it starts off like halloween sounding,
and then goes into x-mas sounding,
sounds pretty good but it's kinda weird.

so serene....

at first it sounds almost evil, maybe a little too evil but as you said it turns into something amazing i look forward to putting this into my work, somewhere near the future. great job on this and hope to hear more from you.



I just grabbed this free download. Thanks!