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Reviews for "Spirit In The Sky"

I was expecting a cover of that Norman Greenbaum song...
However, this ambient track is much more interesting, and probably more useful.

Parts of it remind me of the Mass Effect soundtrack (from the first game, best one in my opinion)
Mildly reminiscent of Phantasy Star Online.

Not to say there isn't any originality in there, because there is.
Very beautiful piece, excited to listen to more of your stuff.

Here's my play on this little tune.

It says, "Come, follow me to get lost; leave behind everything of value, escape into a collision of emotional being; nothing can go wrong, but you must continue to hope that mabye something will; pain is erased from a chalkboard in front of you, your mind floats up into a black iridescent cloud, fog is sifted by a greyscaled hand with a giant wisk, panning the sky; you are caught within it's grasp, haunting black images float around you wispering demonic comments about your spiritual health; you arise to the skies in a sea of thin water, your drowning but rising in the water; when you reach the top, an arora will consume you, causing everything to go dark, the sun burns out as if it's a faulty lightbulb; you are awoken by sounds in the distance, miles from your house; you spend hours walking aimlessly looking for a sign of what you heard, but instead you find that life i unchanged, and it just so happens that all you have done is slept.

The song was great, inspiring. It made me feel hopeful and in peace.
Thank you.


Sounds like a dream kinda thing...a nightmare, a slow one, while the dreamer realizes it's all fake, but their body is not thinking the same thing. As they walk through a dark tunnel, twoards the light, they feel as if a weight has been lifted from their whole body, and as they emerge into the light, they find a winter wonderland. Not like Northpole kiddy style, more of a great and beautiful kingdom. Asn as they walk through the snow, their body dies, and they leave it behind, for the world beyond dreams...

Meh, Kinda depressing, but hopeful at the same time... Nice tune BTW. Kepp up the good work!

Nijsse responds:

Thanks for the great story. I really enjoy hearing what people think and feel when they listen to my music.


It takes a lot of imagination and skill to make music like this. and I hear good stuff from Jimmy Hotz all the time so this is good dude. please make more.

Scarily beautiful!

I must admit the tune reminds me of background music to either a film or game, where you are either in a dungeon of some kind, or somewhere icy or cold but it is a great tune that someone could perhaps do exactly that!

5/5 10/10
Mark Richardson