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Reviews for "Line Runner"


its sorta like 1 of those racing mini games in da sonic series....prettygood....tho...

good but not logn enough

i think this is good but i think it needs to have more of a story, and mabie a level where he can shoot or whatever, if youy could implement some more into it like a story mode, then i bet you could sell it to nintendo DS


It's a nice fun game though the mines need toned down a good bit, I'd love it more if it was more a test of how many rings can you get rather than how lucky are you.

Not quite.

A little too shoet for my tastes, also NOT AWESOME!

Great Idea

I like the idea, and the graphics are cool.

There is one quirk with this game. There are two cursors. For somereason, I keep forgetting about the real cursor and it trails off screen. Other than that its good.