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Reviews for "Line Runner"

wow this was hard

it was cool, but i found it hard because sometimes there was so many mines at once it was like holy crap. well i had fun the first like 3 times but then it got kind of repetative. it was funny when you get him goind mega fast though. it didn't have any real flaws but it DID get confusing when you were upside-down, but it's still a good idea. nice work

Kinda like line rider

This game is really just a spin off of line rider, so it loses some points for mocking a game it shouldn't (in my opinion line rider is more interactive) but the gameplay is quite fun and the visuals are pretty nice looking. But still, if you haven't ever played line rider, I would really recommend checking it out.


It's a nice fun game though the mines need toned down a good bit, I'd love it more if it was more a test of how many rings can you get rather than how lucky are you.

Not quite.

A little too shoet for my tastes, also NOT AWESOME!


This game is good, only that it's too fast and short. There should be more levels.