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Reviews for "Line Runner"


this would be a good wii game...

Very good

Very good game. It was a little fast paced but i liked it. The one thing that kinda ticked me off was that there was like a 5mines to 2 rings ratio. Well anyway, overall, great game.

+Fast,+furious,the best line-drawing game ever...

A bit of Sonic,a bit of Line Rider...Great!
Great,even it's a little heavy(but not so much).
The graphics are very decent,and the sound was a bit annoying,but the rest of the game was brilliant.The only serious bad thing I have to say is...TOO HARD!For me,of course...

Great Game - fast furious and fun

This game is extremely fun and challenging. I particularly like the old school 8bit sound effects. Try it out! Probably would run very nicely with a decently fast cpu!

shit man XD

dam dat made my guy go so fast too many iteams flow across my screen at once so my comp forze for a sec lol super fast little shit :P good work fixs dat prob but keep it up :)