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Reviews for "Goblins Heart"

Hey, great game.

This game was rather addicting and i loved how things just started falling in waves when i got the last sword.

Very Good.

its ok

its an ok game. but the game is kinda slow and lagy. and it could use more detail and it would be better if it had different characters with special traits


really fun and addicting!

Lov'd it!

This was great! It needs a save function though... it's kinda like armordude, isn't it? lol. except for this one is better.

MasterFury responds:

the basic idea came from armordude.

pretty good

its very very long i got the best sword & armor so it got little repetitive...
add bosses or more weapons/armors to make it better
i got up to lvl 13 when i got completely bored of this
anyway.....good game 4/5