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Reviews for "Goblins Heart"

great game

i luv this game alot of action and
mony spendin


This reminds me of that other game, Armor dude, this is just a complete remake of it.

a realy good game

its realy good making survivor with making money and buyin armour and stuff realy good

Eh. Its kinda fun

Well, other than the fact that collision detection is off, you can't adjust the music, and its entirely too easy, not too bad. The music itself really needs to be turned off because hearing the same 60 second loop for as long as this game is gets really old.

The fact that you can hold down block and manuver with it means you can just group the goblins together however you want, jump swing at them, repeat as neccesary. Not even challenging. A life stealing sword? Great, you just gave the player total invulnerability.

If you plan on doing a sequel I would seriously adjust some items before putting it out, most notably:
Block (Completely overpowered)
Sound/Music off
Increase efficiency
More upgrades


Kinda frustatring at times like the fact your cant move and attack at the same time.

MasterFury responds:

you can move and attack at the same time