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Reviews for "Goblins Heart"

it was good

everything was good except it took way too long for the bad guys to die in the begining. . .like wayyyyyy to long. . .i mean 3 hits should do it


This game deserves that 5. This was my first 10/10, too.

Graphics were beautiful, sound was great, and it was fun. There is definatly replay value here. I especially liked the upgrades. There's not even toomuch lag on my computer when I played this, and I was on level 7 or 8 I think.

Amazing work, I REALLY hope you get an award for this. You deserve it. I can only imagine how long and hard it was to make this.


Could improve.

I liked this game a lot. Sound graphics and sound design. But it's as if your hero is fighting with a stick and not a sword. It took too long to kill the goblins and wasn't particularily satisfying when you did. I might make the goblin's death more dramatic or simply easier to accomplish.

MasterFury responds:

did you only play the first level?
you can buy new swords.

you need to play more of the game befor you make stupid reviews.


The graphics were amazing, the fighting was fun as hell, the sound was perfect, and overall, this game is incredible! Keep it up!

MasterFury responds:

Thanx for the review