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Reviews for "Goblins Heart"

it was fun

hahah nice usage of the star trek elite force soundtrack :)


im sorry but this game sux big hairy sasquatch penis in hte begining it was kinda fun but then near the middle the turning crap got annoying it would never turn then too many goblins would pile up and you cant get out it gets really frustrating


it was a good game but when one goblin hits you, you become stuned and can't block or attack or anything but jump up.

but i liked it alot!

big glitch

when i pressed the replay button after submitting score
the monsters from the level i died at all came (with same stats/hp/hp meter)
and killed me in one hit.

besides that, this game was pretty good
just, there was no storyline or save or anything
so you get a 7.5 but ill round up to an 8

fucking awesome

this games almost identical to armor dude but with better weapons. this game is so addicitve its one of those games you cant stop playing its about time someone made a game like this i look forward to more games from you you should definitely make a second but eith bosses, a save function, better weapons and armorand you should make it into an rts flash (real time strategy) im sure that would grab alot of attention. again great game i lokk forward to more from you