Reviews for "- Spin Climb - {Green}"

Good game,but...

It doesn't seem to work on Chrome for some reason,so I took one off the score for that. Otherwise,fun game!


The controls are not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good but

Two things: 1: after the first or second speed up, you can skip two platforms at a time, which kind of ruins the challenge. 2: there are some cross screen jumps from small platforms that are impossible to make. Literally. fix these and it would be a great game.

I think its...

Frigging amazing it not only pisses you off but you realize you have to be ready for anything in this game I mean when the stage started spinning I thought I was in Wizard of Oz when the house starts spinning but aside the jk it was very well made Im gonna try to reac more than 610 score its cool cuz even pros. get troubled by it its like anyone can play and its true well I hope you enjoyed this review and the song its awesome allright thank you Vote!


The stage flipped out on me...!