Reviews for "- Spin Climb - {Green}"

Enjoyable game for a bit

The biggest problem I have with this game is the delayed jumping. The concept is not unique, but the 'twist' added into it makes it playable for longer than I anticipated.

It was alright

I enjoyed the music, but the controls are kind of junky and I didn't find it very enjoyable.

Pretty good :P

I love the songs, too.
What's the song that plays when it says DonutMaster?

Neat mini game.

Without the highscores this game would probably be a waste of time, but with it, it's just another reason for people to compete amongst each other. The graphics of this game wasn't really that great, I found the color scheme to be rather bland over done myself, but the overall appeal was still enough to not detract from the game. Despite that, the game itself wasn't really new or anything exciting in terms of originality though, so I wouldn't really say I enjoyed this game a great deal personally. All in all you made a great game, it just wasn't very enjoyable for me.


holy SH*T!