Reviews for "- Spin Climb - {Green}"

who knew

who knew a game that all you doo is jump would be fun

Spin Climb - {Green}

spin climb is a challnging game which involves only 3 controls left right and jump. 3 simple controls makes up a very hard game. its addicting and i found myself getting worse then better, spin climb {green} is a very fun and addicting game. 8/10 4/5.

Rather Good!

The game isn't really original, since it takes a lot from other games such as Doodle Jump, Fall Down, and others. Although it is unique in the sense that the screen turns, so I give props for that.

Visually, the game isn't really all that eye-popping, although I'm sure Coolio-Niato didn't really mean for it too be stunning. I think you got the right sense of what the game should look like. As for the sound, the music is GREAT. I really enjoyed it and I feel like it suited the game very well.

I personally didn't get that far in the game, but it's probably because I couldn't really get the controls down. Every time I went for a platform, I would either fall short or went too far.

Overall, good job!

Sickeningly disorientating.

I enjoyed this submission to the ever growing Portal. I find it to be an excellent time waster, but I cannot waste much time here, I must move on to the next submission. But to not leave my thoughts would be rude.

The soundtrack, while annoying and not to my tastes (I prefer classical music), did fit with the intense platforming in the submission. As the soundtrack went on, the game grew in intensity and thus - I began to make more mistakes. Frightened with the thought of not achieving a high score, even more mistakes were made; as the author no doubt intended. Well placed indeed.

The visuals were nauseating, to say the least, when combined with the constant screen rotation. With each twist of my head, I grew more ill, which led to my eventual downfall. But were they bad? Not at all, in fact I grew fond of the protagonist (?) in time, perhaps because I associated myself with the little green man jumping for dear life.

The game play was not unique in the least bit, which is unfortunate, because there was so much potential to be had in this submission. More situations could have been added to make the jumping more difficult, such as spiked platforms, or slippery platforms. Power ups (or perhaps, even power downs) would have been excellent and maybe even a double edged sword. A slow down power up would be a nice twist, it would allow for easier control over the traction after a jump, but then it would effectively make the platforming harder than it should be. In addition to the twisting of the screen, there should have been a portion where the screen reverses, though I suppose the twisting of the screen was the substitute for that.

In all, this was quite an enjoyable submission and I see now that there are sequels - if you can call them as such - to Spin Climb; which I look forward to playing sometime in the near future. Good effort, Coolio-Niato, may your creativity ring true later in life.

fun game!

You spin me right now, baby round now. Like a record baby right round round round