Reviews for "- Spin Climb - {Green}"

Not dizzy jet

Well some users have something right, the green color gets old after a while, but I think that the game is good, actually it may help ypu to trin somthing named mind flexibility.


it shouldnt be always the same thing it gets borin

Ok game but some questions.

This game is kind of easy, is this game for kids? (im not writing this to be a bad boy!)


Quite a common concept for linear platform-jumping games, but not when the screen tilts to different directions and your head goes with it. The retro-abstract atmosphere for this game matches the theme and music. It's fun and downright challenging. However, the character's jump response time is quite long, so it doesn't match the player's reflexes (probably because of its intentional "smooth" motion). It can also be very hard, which is what makes it fun.

Easy to learn, difficult to master. It's a fun game, and it's difficulty keeps you going, but sometimes too frustrating. Could use some power-ups or other variety though. The big verdict is a 7/10, a descent game.

So hard

Hardest game ever