Reviews for "Gearing Up"

Epic in the correct manner.

Not epic in the lame internet term, but in it's proper meaning of impressively great, big, elevated in style, etc... I can see this being used in a professional movie during an opening scene or during the credits. (Short song for the credits though) I hope some people check this out because it's definitely something that would be great for a flash animation or game.

If used in a menu I can envision a loop of some of the key points from the flash. Something that I could see myself using, but for some reason there was just something missing from it. What that thing was... I have no clue, but maybe it's just not exactly the sound that I'm looking for.

The song has great quality all around and it sounds like you've done a great job on it all in all.

~ Review Request Club ~

BrokenDeck responds:

I am thinking that a percussion instrument, like snares, might be needed... but you might be right. Thanks for the lengthy in-depth review man!


This totally sounds epic. Right away I remembered that you were the same artist that made the desert tune. Seems like you kinda have a certain sound I suppose. I could totally see this being used in a flash game menu or flash movie. It sounds like a bunch of soldiers gearing up for an epic battle. Like I can see them waving to their families as they sail out of distance to war, or something like that, lol.

This does sound a bit generic, but I think that's probably a good thing because I don't think many people could pull off that generic battle sound that you have here. Keep up the good work.

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks! Yeah this and the new version of Desert Journey were done after a recent upgrade to my system. New sounds and hardware. Thanks for taking the time to write so much for the review man!

Very atmospheric and useful

Very nice piece- close your eyes and you're totally taken onto the battlefield. It's fairly generic, but in a good way. What I mean by that is that it can be useful in plenty of games/movies to create the right mood. If I do an epic game I would definitely use it. Well produced, all the sounds are well balanced, the only criticism would be it kinda just ends without a crescendo, Well done.

Review Request Club.

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks alot for the review man. Yeah I was thinking about a crescendo, but it wouldn't really fit for a menu background.

Thanks for the review man!



This is really awesome. it makes me think of those parts in the movies where the knights are getting all their armor on and marching into battle or something like that.
mind if i use it in a movie?

BrokenDeck responds:

Hey. Nice of you to say so man! Thanks for considering my music! :D


Epic, awe-inspiring, and makes one feel that if they were playing a game with this as menu music, they would never play the game, just sit at the menu for hours.

The only thing I don't like is the pause at the end. I find it unnecessarily long.

BrokenDeck responds:

The pause at the end is there so that people can cut and crop as needed to fit their flash timelines. Thanks for the review!