Reviews for "Gearing Up"


This is an epic song. Only thing I can think of is have the instruments crescendo through the long notes instead of dieing away. Other then that very well done

BrokenDeck responds:

Which instrument notes were you referring to in particular?


the roman army getting ready for the battle of there lives knowing some brother and friends wont come home to there familys

BrokenDeck responds:

SPQR! For Augustus! :D


while hearing this music in could actually see people preparing for the batlle of their life,and they are certain of wining it.
only too bad the music just ended,pls make it longer...

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks for leaving a review!

Defination of Epic

enough said. this is what i think of when i mean intense epic music!

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanx man!

I love it

All your songs are great, really enjoying them at the moment. I also like how you don't take yourself too seriously. You rock my friend.

BrokenDeck responds:

Thank buddy! Good to see a review from you! :D