Reviews for "Gearing Up"


Very nice score!

Can u tell me what program did u use? What vst-s? U can PM me if u want.
Keep up the good work man!

BrokenDeck responds:

I use Cubase as my DAW, and EWQL for my orchestra sounds.


Kinda reminds me of starship troopers. XD

BrokenDeck responds:


Oh my God

This song brings forth such amazing emotion.
To me I imagine something involving Warhammer 40k. A group of space marines preparing for a large scale war upon an alien world against stacked odds. And I can only imagine one of them using the phrase "Should we die this day, then it is a good day to die in service of the emperor"

BrokenDeck responds:



Stunning Piece, only problem is the score is not high enough!
Love the power. Very Gears of War.

BrokenDeck responds:

Hey thanks! Glad to see you're still reviewing my tunes :)


Nice job on this buddy! Very well done! It could use audio mastering though. Send me the original wav and I'll demonstrate to you what I mean. ;)

http://xayberoptix.newgrounds.com/aud io

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanx! :D