Reviews for "Gearing Up"

very eipc dispite being short

i like the way u start the song off with the strong bass entrence it would go realy good in a movie if u made it longer aspeshily a seen where a a battle is about to begin

BrokenDeck responds:


Very Smooth But Needs Depth

I notice your work is very inspired from movie themed and live orchestral music theory and studies. You seem to have had a large history of studying all the technical sides of ochestral composition including instrument placement and proper mixing. It's very epic.

One thing I noticed is that there appears to not be as much DEPTH in this composition. It seems very flat. In order to improve on this, try making each layer in different panning positions. For example, experiment with your strings setup and set them at %25 in the left speaker. Then get your percussion and set them at %10 on the right one. See which setups work best together.

Once you got that down, you can truly make your own original compositions! You have really good skills at this sort of thing. Im sure people would love to have you on the NG album!

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanx man! :D


Amazing score 5/5 10/10

Also just as "32ndmir" said, it extremely reminds Starship Troopers"Klendathu Drop" especially at 0:46(But that is a good thing :P)

BrokenDeck responds:

Woot! Hoorah!


Awesome cinematic sound. Did you use EWQL? If so, what edition?

BrokenDeck responds:

Gold Edition.

this rocks

Way fricken cool. I'm impressed. This really sounds great! The beginning is a serious attention grabber.

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks man! :D This is waaay not my usual style.