Reviews for "CVS Battle Royale_5"


Mega-Man is made of metal right?
Magneto can control meal right?
Magneo could have shredded Mega-Man into little tiny blue hrapneland then just ct Morrigan o ribbons with it...
that fight about 2 minutes and 30 seconds too long

Fine but....

the fighting was fine, but the endning "pardon me" sucks, maybe you ould make some alternative ending in a side flash?


Didn't ken win that round wit' karin?!.......well i know karin died but why didn't u let ken win and give him another partner?

Roll Kicked ass!!

I loved how Morrigan died and Megaman started whupping ass, only to be saved by ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice, but i didnt really like how it ended. Sorry :(

Trixiaoyu responds:

Well, I tried 2 suprise everyone!

hehe... looks like it worked! :P

Heh cool !

good animations :P

u love proxi as much as me T_T