Reviews for "CVS Battle Royale_5"

Woah! I didn't expect that to happen!

Damn! I was hoping to see the end of this, but god, you pulled a twist for this ending. I'm amazed by that, but still, it was awesome. Great work, man!

Trixiaoyu responds:

Im glad u liked the twist!
Thanks for the Review!

A great way to end a good series

Another well done flash movie by you. The battles as usual, flowed nicely. The sound was as if an actual game. Really caught me off guard with the ending. Made me laugh so much though. So unexpected it was. So to sum it up... You have awesome flash ability with sprites, so keep up the great work. Can't wait for your next flash to be released.




that was totally a one rockin' tournament..........but that ending sucked. cooler would have been even something like : ryu appears out of nowhere and kicks ass....... morrigan returns and by dta they defeat bison and magneto........some of the contestants appear like wolverine and mature and those who were defeated...or something like that. though whatever. that was cool even with that ending. make another tournament or something. you're good at it.

haha old times

man its nice to watch youre work form time to time
it gives me tips and things and its generally decent flash
oh and also i can luagh at how oldschool the sprites were XD