Reviews for "CVS Battle Royale_5"

Best fighting scene ive ever seen

I've watched all your flashes over an dover again, i loved the alpha tournament series and CVS was even better, this one is definetly my favourite, brilliant fighting before and after ken goes into his ultimate form as well as the ace cliffhanger.
I really hope you make another of these series

p.s whats the music after kyo also goes into his ultimate form?

Trixiaoyu responds:

It's KEN's theme...
From Marvel vs Capcom the Game...

Thanks 4 the Review!


At the ending you should have done something were ryu Come's in and beats the living hell out of Magmento And Bison. But ya over all i really Really liked cvs you should do another tournement series They rock.


how u let morrigan die noo!!! but its still pretty good


Loved the animation, the fighting sequences were very entertaining. Good job on the Megaman Style ending and the Sonic Music.
I think i'll have to go back and play those now...

Megaman Bias

I think you can make the life bars a little bigger next time, instead of 2mm tall and black so it's hard to see. Either way, good flash, Morrigan is hot! Then she died.