Reviews for "CVS Battle Royale_5"

Great ending to the series.

Considering who the sponsors were, I should have seen that plot twist coming. Some really good writing there.

What was most impressive is how you seemed to improve with every episode. I am coming to expect greatness from you.

Megaman didn't get his prize, but there's no reason you shouldn't.

I'll send you urls for a couple of yahoo groups I think you'll like via pm,

Trixiaoyu responds:

Hey, madpol, sup, I see you've already seen this episode! Thanks 4 the nice review...
Say, What Yahoo Groups?!
Hmm... this I gotta see! lol
Oh, stay tuned because without anything 2 hold me back...
The NFFOF_Part 3 is being MADE right Now! ^_^



the ending was funny as hell!! you should make another tournament if u have time ! :D

i love it

meagaman rocks!!!!!!!!!!!


for megaman =D and this is a piece of advice, in future, could u make the bar more bigger? Instead of just a thin line, make it the usual bar? This would make seeing their health much more easier =D