Reviews for "B7 - Psychosis Pt. 2"


Thankyou, thankyou truly for making this song.
I loved the way you fitted all the pieces together and and the song had the ability to transition through beats like a eagle gliding through the air.
PLease make more :)

Burn7 responds:

Haha, well thank YOU for reviewing. It keeps me writing music :)

LOL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Damn man . Your 3.85 score made me LOL so hard . How stupid some people are . LOL . This is AMAZING . That or someone is REALLY jealous . This was awesome as fuck, powerful . Very good man . Very . 5/5 10/10 . I will play this song when I go hunt down those naysayers who dropped your score, because they are like . NUUU LADY GAGA OWNZ JOO : ` : !


Burn7 responds:

Yeah, I've had a serious problem with 0 bombing every time I make top 30 or Best of the Week. I really wish they would change the way the system works, but there's not much I can do about it but grin, bear it, and be thankful that my songs are actually listened to and appreciated even for a small period of time.

Thanks for the review dude. Really appreciate it :D


i'll give it that

Burn7 responds:

Well... thanks? If that's all I've got, at least I've got something I suppose.

But I have to say this is a pretty useless review. You just 7'nd it and didn't even say why. I'll just have to take a guess and say it's because I have a 7 in my name.

ever thought about being in the top charts?

as continued. he remembers the war, the war that took his girl. with one tear falling down his side, he stood straight. then started to lean over the cliff edge as if he were to drop into its depths. then with sudden adrenaline he springs of the cliff and dives into oblivion. as he was about to land he opened his coat like a parachute and lands without a sound. he looks up, right into the eye of hell. as he remembers the terrible war, he was fueled with anger and strove toward the eye. as he came out the other side, he sensed the enemy was close by. then with a almighty spin he let out light into the depths of hell. as this happened, the demons and monsters came to view. as he watched, his eyes shone with fire. he saw the demon of hell, the one that took his girl. as the enemy pounced at him, he let out a roar and fought. he fought like no other warrior, he was brutal, quick, deadly, vicious, mighty, strong, powerful and gave NO mercy to those who took his girl's soul. he fought day and night, night and day until every single one of the enemy had been terminated. as he set eyes on the last monster, he immobilized it and said"you and your kind will suffer as long as i live" and dispatched it. then he heard a cry of sadness, and saw his girl. in a cell, he goes over to her and says"my love, its me" and with the slightest hint of movement he destroyed the cell around her. and they race towards each other and embraced, with they're love found once again he held his girl tight to his chest and shot a grapple to the top of the cliff. as they made theyre way up he said"i will never let them take you, ever". and once again, just as before. he stood at the edge of the cliff, but this time with his girl. and he was alive with happiness. and as he stood there, with his girl. he thought"i WILL never let anything take you away from me, as long as i live".

Burn7 responds:

Wow dude, that was pretty good. Ever thought of being a script writer? :P

Thanks for that, I think it helps to bring meaning to the pieces when people associate with them.


that iz reeeallly good!!!! XD

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! So are you!(?)