Reviews for "B7 - Psychosis Pt. 2"

Excellent Work

This song reminds me of war for some reason its when the constant beats come and start attacking thats the part U deserve a 10 for ur work

Burn7 responds:

Hm. I suppose you're right. I never really made the connection there but yeah, I could see war.



Crazy, believe it or not i just wrote some pretty epic rap song to this nd was wonderin if with your permission i could make a track to this? im workin on my first mixtape and think this could be the first jam off it, but let no man , neways
epic as fuck creation here 10/10 keep doing what your doing

Burn7 responds:

That would be badass, go right ahead. Just make sure to credit/link me when you use it. Thanks!

Hp now?

As the last one reminded me of MSPA, this wreaks of a lovely Harry Potter pice for the gameboy. But I'm not saying that this music isn't original; It in fact is one of the most I've seen.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude. I never thought I'd have my music compared to HP, but some other dude down VVthereVV said something about Lady Gaga and so it's not quite as surprising as it would have been.

very nice

love how it starts out sounding 8-bit, then build up into the complete epicness i'm hearing right now. very good work my friend. on my zune it goes!
10/10 5/5


Burn7 responds:

OMG I have a Zune too! FUCK iPODS!

Nah, I'm not really like that. But thank for the review!

Loving this!

Dude it's been a while since a track on NG had me seriously rocking out. I'm working on a flash game and this is exactly the kind of stuff that gets me amped XD.

Burn7 responds:

Sweeeeeet, well I'm glad I could help inspire you to be badass and stuff!