Reviews for "B7 - Psychosis Pt. 2"


Damn thats the shit man

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude, glad you liked that shit!

great. simple as that!

well done. this sounds awesome in 7.2 channel surround!!! whatever software you made this on, can i be so bold to ask if you export it as a midi file and upload it on mediafire or something. mainly because this sounds brilliant and i am interested in how this song came to be. you dont have to and i know i have nerve asking but... i haven't heard an audio piece quite like this before!

Burn7 responds:

Uh... I suppose I could do that. It's not a request I've ever gotten before, but I can send you a PM with a link in it.


Awesome song.

Burn7 responds:


Good Music

If I Could Ill make a pixel game did include this fantastic music^^

Oh by the way its true this song does hurt my brain

Burn7 responds:

Haha I had no idea what to call it, it felt like I was going insane. Hence the name!


the first little bit of the song sounds like it deserves to be put in an NES game. like during a boss battle or something. this really helped with my day so thank you so much for making me feel epic xD it was repetitive though (but im sure you get that alot) i liked how you made it sound so original after two minutes of this.

Burn7 responds:

Well thanks, I wonder if I could have been a chiptune composer if I was only born like 10 years ago haha.

Thanks for the review!