Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong The Game 2"


I played this two times now, my highest score is 1337, I think that is pritty good, the only problem is the last case is far too easy, maybe you should make it the first case? But very good! :D

Sex0r responds:

Yes I could. :)

Good idea

I have been given mental trauma

It sucks so bad that I'm going to vote a 5, since this drove me to the brink of my shorts.

(It sucked, but at least you're getting a 5.)

Sex0r responds:

Sounds good. :]


Ooook, so I have just one question about this game...

Where exactly does the word "game" relates to this?

Sex0r responds:

In the jfhdskjf scene.

Oy vey

I'm gonna make a suggestion, now ,this may seems like something you may not have heard of, but, how about you, you know, actually make something good and use a little effort to it.

Seriously, I wish there was a negative five rating ,as this deserves it.

Sex0r responds:

Flash by kurisu7885:
- none -

Why don't you make something with effort?

I blam your profile.


How is this a game?
i only see a flash, wheres the game part

Sex0r responds: