Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong The Game 2"

very misleading you are

that wasn't exactly what anybody would call a "game"....while i looked forward to it when it loaded and played you left me very disappointed..however i did like the song that thats about it...

Sex0r responds:

i dont really care


I was kinda disapointed when i found out it wasn't a game, but then i checked the reviews. By far the reviews and the authors response was the greatest part.

Sex0r responds:

Hehe. ;P

not so good

i know i'm no flash artist but all i have to say is this... if you didn't want to be made fun of and wanted people to like your work then put a little bit of effort into it, i know that your opinion matters only to you, but responding with negative words make you to be a sore loser, infact you should take these reviews as a lesson to better your abilities for future making games/flash videos.
i hope to see better work from you in the near future...

Sex0r responds:


You really do make constructive criticism hard.

Ususally I'm not this harsh with reviews but there really are only two words I can think of to describe you "talentless" and "hack". Right now that the harsness is out of the way time to review

Graphics: Usually I'm ok with sprites (considering I make my own so dissing them would make a massive hypocrit) but you were pretty damn half-assed.

Style: Endless humping..... Nope no style there.

Sound: I didn't like the music. Not much else to say there

Violence: How many times do I have to tell you people. Humping is not violent!!!!!

Interactivity: I recall a click button but thats about it (considering the title states this as a game makes this very disappointing)

Humor: How many times do I have to tell you people. Humping is not funny!!!!!

Overall: Half assed ,talentless and could be made in about five minutes.

Constructive criticism: Better jokes, less humping, less attempts at causing seizures through epilepsy and if your going to make a game make it more interactive please.

Sex0r responds:

It can be if you're raping. :)


LOL x10.

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