Reviews for "Pandemic"

Pretty much the best way of beating this is to take out everything at the start excluding Sneezing. This will make your virus damn near invisible, then rapidly bump up everything you can to induce transmission (No symptoms though, only sneezing.) once the rest of the world is infested, by this point you have more then enough points to snatch up the rest of those symptoms and begin mass killing {SHould be by about day 90/80 left}

Best way to win

Take out all the visibility and leathality at the start and max out the transmission. The only way to get the virus everywhere is to make sure not to get too much attention. once the virus is everywhere. crank up the killers and boom everyone is dead in a flash.

The People have spoken, Part 2!

To add on to Maz' review the way to beat it is to take out the visibility, sure you take a hit to infectivity by taking out vomiting and coughing but it's worth it 'cause then you can sneak into West Europe without fail.

How to regain points...

spend those 3 points on good infection upgrades...
Next just keep clicking go and look at your points...
easy to do this...but you will not know about the closing borders


Damn you, Madagascar!