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Reviews for "Pandemic"

How to regain points...

spend those 3 points on good infection upgrades...
Next just keep clicking go and look at your points...
easy to do this...but you will not know about the closing borders


Damn you, Madagascar!

A of Awesome

And I still can't infect West Europe! DAMN!


I've done it!
You're need only to turn "waterbourne" and "airbourne" on, then upgrade "incubation" and "survivability", and the last step to speed up infection is resistance. Then you upgrade other features, but main target still is to spread virus.
For score, this is just a great game. Nothing more to say.

How to infect Europe????

Very funn game.
Only problem, west europe has no airport or water suply... that means once countrys close public transit we cant infect west europe....
If it wasnt for that i hould have given a 9