Reviews for "Aevarrian Coliseum 2"

ahhhhhhhhhg! true demeus is tuf

to beet him chose eric then keep on doing the down forward move it will knok him back ps if u beat him u get a specil charicter true desmus!!! no 1 esle was playing as him and i killed them all fear me puny humans bow befor desmeus!

Was actually good

The movement seems a bit enticing, but that didn't stop me from playing and finishing the game. It would be better if the move list are found within the game though. Story is a bit on the weak side, but was ok IMO. Good character details at the very least and 2 of my favorites are Aen (Looks hot and good mid range fighter) and Doh (Seems to be the only other character who I can fight well as he is well balanced).

It was ok...

The music got annoying really really fast so that needs improving. The story mode...is horrible you can practically use the same move over and over again and thats not fighting. The story telling as well isn't that great like he sees a man with a rapier what is that?

Overall this game needs a lot of improvement



This Game is Retarded

This game is f**king retarded. Arrow Avenger is the most brain damaged character in the universe. He doesnt protect himself at all and does no damage whatsoever. Plus, when i changed the difficulty from normal to easy, the game became harder. WTF??! Like, on normal I beat Gor-Khan without him touching me, but on easy he got me to half health. Your game sucks completely. I liked the first game though, much more fun than this piece of shit.