Reviews for "Aevarrian Coliseum 2"


Congratulation on making a very Nice game with good gameplay and a nice story! ;)
5 of 5! ;D

Good, yet bad.

Well at first glance, this is a nice game, but it is badly unbalaned.

The mayor problem is that the only tactic to win from most enemies is just spamming the jump-attack at them, they'll most likely use attacks wich outrange yours, and they use special attacks on you when you stand up and can't do anything about it.

Another downpoint was that combat was a bit choppy, some heroes just attack, then after the attack wait one seconds, whilst the enemy is kicking my ass, literaly.

The last problem was that the enemy somehow deals far more damage, i used some special attacks and the enemy somehow had 90% health left, he knocked me down and used a special attack on me, when i couldn't do anything about it and i was 50%, wierd.

The storyline was also a bit weird and bland, but thats what i espect from a game like this, i would like to see more interactivity or animation in the story, reading just textboxes beetween the fights is just plain boring and pointless, if you ask me atleast.

The game itself was pretty nice, the fighting was fun, but yet could become boring because there are not mutch other elements in the game other than just fighting and button smashing.

The animation was pretty well done, though the grapics themselves could sometimes be improved, for example by making some static images with photoshop rather than flash limited capebilities.

The sound was nice, the music looped nice, yet i am missing a little mute button whilst playing.

Interactivity was also decent enough, though it just misses some other elements like for example walking around without fight, buying equipment or exploring for example.

My rates are as following, added with an explanation.

Grapics - 7
The animation and grapics where well done.
Though on some static images you could see that the grapics where done with flash, not that beautiful.
What i would like to see is animated cutscenes, instead of text boxes though.

Style - 7
Fighting, fighting and fighting.
Just misses other things.
The fact that the only way you could win from some outranging attack spamming bosses was just jumping them to death also toned down this rating.

Sound - 8
Good enough, nice loops and nice sound effects.. miss a mute button here though.

Voilence - 8
This game resembles pure voicelence, can't rate it low on this factor.

Interactivity - 7
While the game offers more modes of play, they all resemble just plain fighting, i miss other elements.

Humor - 4
Other than that *fart* joke, i didn't see any more funny things, doesn't matter.

All in all, nice game you got there, but you might want to work on the things i pointed out.

Also idea's for things too ad might be, exploring, missions and buyable items?

Put this review into some thought, overal nice game you have here.. but could be better.

I grant this an overal of, 7.

Good enough

I thought a lot of things were great in the game. The only problems I had was some people would just block all my attacks. Then i couldn't block them for some reason. The next is the attacks, it only tells one move with each character. Everything else though was good enough for me.

much better than the first one.
but it has cheap voice acting.
and characters are not that many.
say pal, this game is still great.
love, <3 idonothing1

This is good but.....

The attacks aren,t fast enough.