Reviews for "Aevarrian Coliseum 2"


Im not going to blame you for saying this is a lame game, I can't do any better I admit, but on the bright side you tried.

the graphics could use improvements but then again, its decent enough for a game.
the controls are rather simple but you should have included a combo list, im not going to run around randomly trying to find special attacks for each character i'll be using.

the boss ... :|
your kidding right ?
only a player that knows his character as well as his palm can defeat him.

This is good but.....

The attacks aren,t fast enough.

SPEcial moves

FOr sir fits down right punch.And down left punch ive learn a few and try all those move on aen vanvonggurd dohn kerin

Some girls would never fight.

The Girls are being that funny.

RAGE for the cheating computer.

if a computer must cheat, it should be by counting frames to make frame-perfect moves and counters, NOT by being able to interrupt its own moves to block every attack I make, especially since chip damage seems to randomly turn on and off.