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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"

good but very hard

it was very hard but you can't hate it

i've been playing this on school for 2 hours
i usually download stuff to ruin the computers

Jiggmin responds:

Haha! Thanks.


This is great, but may I suggest a 'center' button for the mouse, if you let go on the keyboard it will center so you don't roll, but on the mouse you can't do that. I realize it wouldn't always work because of gravity stuff, but yeah, I dunno hehe. Still, great game.


ohh man that was a awesome game. i couldnt stop playing it. that is one of my favorite games now nice work.


I really like these types of games as the are hard and fun. You could make it better if you make controlling the ball easier as it gets harder to stop the ball quickly in the harder levels. I cant wait for a sequal.

Very Fun

Great job on the game. Addicting, simple, fun. I'm not sure if this got mentioned, but in order to get the bonuses, your shockwave from hitting a wall has to get them, not roll directly over them (took me a while to figure this out... haha). Otherwise great job and the song was a great choice... what is it?