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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"

A great new addicting game

This game is just so different in style its hard not to like. I will say the mouse version seemed to be a bit more difficult than using the key board. The ball was much more under control. I also felt the choice of making the switches always make specific colors death was a very smart choice.

The game is easily addicting and fun. It makes me wish I knew how to create 3D games in flash.

Jiggmin responds:

I think the mouse is a bit harder too, but you can get higher scores with it. Aaaanywho, thanks for the review!

Best game i've seen this year

Pretty amazing, loved how you didn't take it too seriously and made a very fun and enjoyable game. The controls were easy and fun to use, and the levels were challengin but fun, really liked it, a very well done game indeed

Jiggmin responds:

I was about to be proud of that "best game of the year" line, but then I remembered that it's Jan 12. Haha! Thanks mate. :)

Very cool!

Awesome idea, good difficulty level and well implemented. The pickups seem a little hard to collect, so maybe they should have a larger collision zone. Otherwise, great work!

Jiggmin responds:

Thanks for the review!

nice play

lol,nice game,pretty hard though.i couldnt beat first blood

Jiggmin responds:

It is a hard game to beat; the levels get even harder after first blood.

Much Better then that Cheap Plastic Toy Version.

Interesting quirks include stuff like not touch the walls, rolling over dots for bonus points, and rolling over switches to pass through specific color walls. I find controlling this 3-d rollerball maze to be quite innovative.

Jiggmin responds:

Thanks! The cheap plastic toy version is still fun, though. :P