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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"

Awesome game you have here.

I'm addicted to the game. It's a nice twist on a maze type game. I see nothing bad about the game. It's perfect in my eyes. Good job. Keep up the awesome work.

Jiggmin responds:

Perfect? Hehe, you're silly.

How did you do that?

that was frekkin awesome
im starting off in 3d myself
but how did you figure out hoiw to bounce the ball of on an angle

Jiggmin responds:

Well, all the walls are either vertical or horizontal, so I just reversed the xSpeed or the ySpeed. To find the bounce angle against an angled wall use
bounceAngle = -approachAngle -surfaceAngle;

This is quite cool

You did the whole tilting animation really well, its a pretty interesting game, I did get a bit confused about the power up things though (on one of the levels they started exploding...i think it was when i hit the wall on the other side or something)

Jiggmin responds:

Hitting a wall hard = sploding powerups. Wee! Thanks.


hey, that was cool, an original idea!
you made a perfect little game,i don't found any bad stuff, the movement is quick, and the 3d style looks great.
the voices were funny, they gave emotion to the game.
just that, good job!

Jiggmin responds:



Absolutely ingenious idea, the level named PANDA was kinda hard. I want a Rolley-Ball 2, and how about having changeable backgrounds? The graphics were smooth, and simple. Great job.

Jiggmin responds:

Thanks. They get way harder than panda, though!