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Reviews for "Rolley-Ball"

Best game i've seen this year

Pretty amazing, loved how you didn't take it too seriously and made a very fun and enjoyable game. The controls were easy and fun to use, and the levels were challengin but fun, really liked it, a very well done game indeed

Jiggmin responds:

I was about to be proud of that "best game of the year" line, but then I remembered that it's Jan 12. Haha! Thanks mate. :)

Hard, but well programmed.

Personally, it wasn't my type of game. However, your programing skills were evident and the interface was slick. The game also was pretty.
Well done for a first 3-d game!


Usually these kind of games don' really interest me, except for this one, I didn't play very long because I'm in a rush, but I can see you put a hell of a lot effort into making this game, you've got my 5 =)

good but very hard

it was very hard but you can't hate it

i've been playing this on school for 2 hours
i usually download stuff to ruin the computers

Jiggmin responds:

Haha! Thanks.

very good and very clever

this idea is really good and clever. WAY better than super monkey ball. Great work!