Reviews for "Socklops"

I love this

Randomness is one of my favorite types of newground genres, but it is very rare that you see a good one. This one is very original. Some people may think your movies make no sense, but the people who genuinely enjoy it are people who really think about the meaning, instead of watching, and just leaving it. Very good. This is my favorite sock episode so far. So, very well done.


lol what the hell just happened? great job. i suppose i shouldn't say this was fairly odd because...well...all of your movies are but this practically out-peculiarates (lol i make up my words) salad fingers by afar.

man this is good, lol

odd, but so good

I feel I must describe this masterpiece...

but I'm at a loss for words.


That Was So Strange Yet I couldn't Stop Watching. I Liked When The Guy Was Flying Into The Golden Thingys And Then Giving Himself A Award. Keep Making More Of These Creepy Vids. And Make More Salad Fingers.